Seamless Aluminium Gutters

The Machine

This machine installed in one of our vans will be used to make or ‘run-out’ lengths of seamless aluminium gutters to the exact dimensions required. This gives us the ability to ensure every system of guttering we install is tailor-made to each individual property and thus prevent leaks.

seamless aluminium gutters.

The Seamless Aluminium Gutter

Because lengths are produced to the exact dimensions required there will be no unsightly joins - and joints are the vunerable weak points for future weak points for future damage and leaks.

Joints are kept to the absolute minimum number, usually only occuring at the corners where they will be mitred and joined to create the required angle. These joints are riveted and sealed with watertight mastic. The required lengths are fitted to the fascia boards of the property with stainless steel fixings using internal brackets spaced approximately 2ft apart. This unique fixing system ensures a tidy line when viewed from below – an important factor to consider for bungalows and other low-caved buildings.

This special fixing system also gives the guttering absolute rigidity allowing it to bear the weight of a ladder. The machine forms the gutter into an Ogee shape – the traditional classic gutter shape equally suited to both older and modern properties. Our seamless aluminium gutters are currently available in colours black, white, brown and green.


A seamless aluminium gutter is given a life expectancy in excess of 25 Years and we provide a written guarantee for the first 5 Years. The material has been designed for minimum contraction and expansion in extreme weather conditions. Experience has shown that it withstands prolonged ice conditions; and unlike plastic guttering it will not expand, crack or become brittle during heat waves.

The paint finish will also tolerate weather extremes without need of further maintenance for 25 years. The rigidity provided by the internal brackets allows a ladder to be safely used against the guttering.


Openings are punched into the gutter where a downpipe is required and a leaf-trap is fitted over. Often existing downpipes are adequate and can be retained. If preferred aluminium downpipes in a matching colour, or round or square PVC downpipes can be fitted.


This is fitted as an optional extra to the entire gutter or sectional lengths wherever trees overhang and present a particular problem. It also serves as useful snow guard.

Fascias and Soffits

To further complement your new aluminium gutter system we can supply and fit painted timber fascias and sottits. Or for a fully maintenance free system we recommend PVC fascias soffits and cladding. Either way you will be able to rest assured that we have freed you from the worry of high-level maintenance for many years to come.

And finally...

Every new system is thoroughly water tested. And of course all the old materials will be taken from the site – which will be left in a clean and swept condition. Contact us now for details.

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