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Are you facing problems with your finlock gutters? At Mr Gutter, we specialise in finlock gutter lining and repairing finlock gutters, providing effective solutions for a variety of settings such as council houses, factories, churches, and schools. Finlock gutters were widely used after WW2 due to limited resources like cast iron, a shortage of steel and a surplus of concrete. Our expertise lies in restoring the functionality of finlock and concrete gutters while enhancing their performance.

A finlock or concrete gutter is uniquely designed to sit on top of a cavity wall, partially concealed within the structure of your house. Its visible section, along with a trough, acts as the concrete gutter, while the hidden portion within the house serves as a counterbalance against the internal plastering. However, over time, these gutters can develop leaks, requiring prompt attention.

At Mr Gutter, we offer two effective solutions
to address leaking finlock gutters

Re-lining finlock gutters: Our skilled team utilise state-of-the-art equipment, including an aluminium finlock gutter liner machine, to provide a long-lasting and non-porous liner for your gutters. This re-lining process ensures a watertight barrier, eliminating the growth of mildew over the window lintels. We have established ourselves as the leading contractor for carrying out this specialised work for local councils and housing associations throughout the area.

Complete Removal and Replacement: In some cases, complete removal and replacement of the finlock gutter system with a traditional gutter system may be necessary. Our experienced professionals can guide you through this process, providing expert installation services to ensure a durable and efficient gutter system for your property.

When it comes to finlock gutters, trust Mr Gutter to deliver reliable solutions that will protect your property from water damage and improve its overall appearance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience our exceptional services firsthand.

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Composition Manufacture. The system a formed from pre-coated aluminium coil, 0.7 mm gauge. The roll-forming of the liner is effected on site by a machine mounted in the fixing team’s vehicle. Thus, lengths are tailor made on site to comply with the exact requirement of the building and can be produced at a rate of 1 10m/minute with no wastage and no handling or transpot problems. A normal 240, 50Hz, 13A electricity supply is required. Corner joints are custom made on site, stop ends are formed using conventional metalworkng techniques. Components are sealed with a high quality gun grad Guttertite water immersible sealant.
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